The Dressing Room American Vintage Jacksonville Tee

Beautiful boutique The Dressing Room very kindly asked me to road test one of their American Vintage Jacksonville Tees this week. The non-seasonal Carbone number started its trial paired with a bejewelled NYC born necklace, brought back by my sister after her recent trip to the Big Apple. Hailing from the same vicinity as Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved apartment, this luxurious piece feels rather special. Clearly recognising the SATC inspired styling, it certainly added a strong stamp of approval to my timeless tee. Talking of fashion idols, L was also kept happy due to the arrival of a sweetie chain kit sent from one uber glam godmother. Another sure fire half-term hit.

The stormy midweek weather meant I chose Fairisle knitted fancies for a cosy look, flashing the flattering fit tee underneath. Always a lover of layering, this style sang snug yet striking. Date day came calling on Thursday, a treat outing for Mr B and I. We hit town for lunch and shopping sans children, enjoying an indulgent escape. I matched the tee with a berry leopard print midi skirt and some patent pointed flats, proving the versatility of American Vintage. After checking out the rest of the range, I find myself pining for a Kiowa Ribbed Long Sleeved Top in Plum.

Back to the school gates tomorrow, and I’ll be wearing the Jacksonville gem under my winter coat. It’ll add some much needed momentum to those eerily early starts.  Although, if my day feels a drag I could just bring out one of many ever accumulating candy necklaces, and accessorize it up. 

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