La Sultane de Saba Malaisie Shea Butter

Winter seems to have suddenly struck and we are feeling the freeze. My shivery 3 mile school run has taken its toll, with total TLC needed. At the other end of the heat spectrum, our tumble dryer set on fire a few days ago and deep cleaning soot from breeze block left me with a worrying resemblance to Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Minus dodgy accent of course.

Thankfully I’ve found some rescue remedy for both SOS situations, in the form of new Malaisie body collection from premium skincare brand La Sultane de Saba. The Malaisie range offers beautifully packaged products which promise to be your ultimate seasonal skin saviours. Each one offers up Champaka flower extract- a tropical flower derived from Malaysia that is known for a gorgeous aroma and therapeutic properties. Post inferno pampering perfection.

I tried the La Sultane de Saba Malaisie Shea Butter this week, and can personally account for it having many magical qualities. Containing 100% shea butter, this powerful pot adds an extra layer of luxury to your bathroom cabinet. So far it has been used for the entire family and their chapped hands, mixed into bath water for ultra smooth soothing, calmed Rudolph red noses and become my new hydrating hair conditioner. It seems the only thing you can’t do, however tempted, is spread it on your toast. Probably best to avoid electrical appliances for a little while anyway.

There is also an Exfoliating Body Polish, Moisturising Milk and Body Oil to try…

Buy products online at For your nearest stockist or mail order call Spa Voyage Ltd – 01483 450 830.



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