Diddiu Childrenswear

My newest nipper find is North-East based online shop, Diddiu. Diddiu have a beautiful collection of children’s clothing, offering the perfect balance between style and simplicity.



Diddiu kindly sent me some gorgeous garments to review including their Modi Du dress in purple (£28), a Happeak striped top (£14) and Modi Du jeans (£27). The first thing I noticed about these totally cool togs, after accepting that I couldn’t squeeze into them, was the detail within each piece. From statement zips to puffed pockets, there are so many little effects which give every item a luxe feel. The unisex jeans and tee are brilliant snuggly soft basics which is no mean miniature feat, particularly for diddy denim. In terms of the Modi Du dress, have I mentioned that I would happily wear this myself?

All materials used wash incredibly well to boot.  I can feel like I’m constantly bobble busting kids’ clothes, so discovering designs that are stunning AND hard-wearing is a definite coo.

As someone who loves it when people buy the children clothes for Birthdays and Christmas, I would thoroughly recommend this site for stocking fillers and wardrobe wonders alike. Diddiu also have a selection of handmade and delightfully distinctive decorative dolls, which offer a unique present idea for all ages.

Check out Diddiu over at www.diddiu.com.


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