Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

When I feel fraught or frantic an ideal slice of ‘me time’ is a relaxing soak and glass of fizz- the deluxe bubble bath.

Roques ONeil Therapie are true R & R experts with their aromatherapy remedy range, designed to eradicate everyday strains. Therapie focus on ways in which stress manifests itself, whether it is fatigue or electro-magnetic saturation, and aim to redress that balance. The brand looks at our busy lifestyles, highlighting the importance of going back to basics.

Like every Mama I find little time to escape and regroup, something that appears magnified with Christmas approaching. Therapie’s Himalayan Detox Salts offer pink salts and pure crystal powders, containing almost 90 minerals.  I sampled the salts recently and can testify they were a stabling sanctuary. Not to mention matching my favourite bath-time Rose Prosecco. I’d also thoroughly recommend the Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence as another ravishing source of refuge.

Right, that’s me off for some luxury lounging. Probably advisable to remove L’s Little Mermaid Barbie from my tub of tranquility first.

Discover Roques ONeil Therapie here.


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