Hive Active Heating

After our tumble dryer unceremoniously set on fire in November, I’ve been a little on the paranoid side. Apart from avoiding use of the new one and attempting to freeze dry towels on a wet wintry washing line, it got me wondering if there are any tech toys to stop a repeat performance. It’s also made me anxious about all appliances, although to be fair I have additional 2013 fire form with a pair of hair tongs and my parents’ carpet.

Talking of heat, I was contacted this week about an invention that would actually solve one family household dilemma- an app by brand new business Hive*. Apparently Hive Active Heating uses snazzy technology which lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from smartphone, tablet and laptop. ¬†Strictly speaking I’m not one to usually get excited about such things, but this seems like a pretty handy helper to me.

The kit is professionally installed alongside your existing heating system, with no need to switch energy supplier. Once that’s done, you are good to go and can turn up the temperature from the shops, cinema or even sofa. As my pet hate post holiday is the lack of hot water for ages after arriving back home, or that distinctly frosty and unwelcoming thermostat reception, this app seems to make perfect sense.

All that’s left now is to attend some tumble dryer therapy. Think I’ll also step away from the straighteners…

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