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Argan oil has firmly established its place in the beauty world of late, originally hailed as a miraculous haircare wonder. However, Ruth Hajioff’s passion for Argan started several years before this rapidly increasing popularity, during a trip to Morocco. Studying herbal Moroccan medicine, Ruth came across an innovative and intriguing product. Aware that the fruits of an Argan tree were largely unknown across most of the world, Ruth began her mission to research their healing properties. The Wild Wood Groves website followed in 2001, offering food and skincare oils. All items are ethically produced and fairly traded, using sustainable sources and created at Ruth’s own purpose made workshop in the Argan region of Morocco.

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I recently sampled the Baby Blend Argan Facial Oil and Rescue Eye Serum. Both were softening and magical, calmly soothing tired skin. The little ones bathed in the Vitamin E infused Baby Blend, which removed L’s post Birthday party temporary tattoo without irritation. Despite her Sunday night insistence to keep them on, I’m not sure the teacher would have appreciated a Popeye-style pupil. T’s had a touch of cradle cap recently and this was eased considerably by a drop or two of Baby Blend. I even stole some for my hands and feet when doing night out nails this weekend, a quick home treatment. Baby Blend strikes me as an all purpose go to product- one for cuts, grazes and general bathroom cabinet emergencies.

The Rescue Eye Serum comes in a roll-on format, making for easy use when you’re not quite awake or too worn out for complicated skincare. A new part of my morning and bedtime regime, it sinks into skin without any greasiness. Rich in Vitamin E, plant sterols and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, its handy packaging is a perfect size for squeezing into your handbag. Ideal if you’re on a flight, experiencing parched skin or in need of an alternative lip balm. A tiny bit of it goes a long way.

What are your skincare saviours?

Read more about Ruth Hajioff’s Wild Wood Groves here.


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