Sew Lomax Baby Accessories

Sew Lomax recently launched their very first baby range, as inspired by designer Emma Lomax’s brand new nephew. I got a look at the gurgling goodies and in particular, the large baby muslins, which are a definite newborn must-have. Super soft for swaddling, snuggling and wiping milky chops, they would make an ideal baby gift.  With prices starting at £4, the range also covers bibs and dummy clips, and each item is available in blue, green or pink.

All perfectly designed with Mamas and Papas in mind, products are made up of 100% cotton. The bibs are also plastic backed, to protect from spills onto clothing underneath. Other nifty features such as the dummy clip’s wipe clean plastic insert ensures the collection expertly covers functionality as well as style. The only problem is, these baby bits may make you a little bit broody…

For the chance to win a Large Muslin Set, Set of Bibs and a Soother Protector Clip in the colour of your choice, head over to my Twitter page.

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