Teapigs Mhoula Matcha Tea

Mhoula recently sent me some Teapigs Matcha, a super concentrated green tea with a 1g shot containing the health benefits of fifteen times your standard cup. Already a fan of green tea, I was keen to give it a go and eager to beat that dreaded three o’clock slump with something other than coffee. As much as I enjoy caffeine, the amount I drink is a little on the excessive side.

Given that the Matcha came with a shot glass and tea bowl, there are lots of different ways to sample this mini wonder. Some days I’ve just had a quick slug of Matcha to wake me up before the school run, and others I’ve added it to juice or hot water for a more relaxing tea break. Matcha tea is high in anti-oxidants, offers a natural boost and kick starts alertness. These are facts listed in the information sheet accompanying the tea, which I wanted to put to the test myself. After a decent dose of Matcha, I can vouch that the results I’ve experienced have proven the Teapigs Matcha promise. It’s a tiny tea energy boost with bags of goodness. I can see this one becoming a new part of my daily elevenses routine.

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