School’s Out For Summer

L breaks up this afternoon, marking the end of her time in early year’s / foundation class. Although it’s two years ago in September, I remember clearly the day I dropped her off at nursery, a tiny three year old decked out from head to toe in school uniform. I could have burst with pride at L’s excitement, holding hands tightly as we walked along the path. Beginning a whole new adventure of her very own, and signalling a distinctly symbolic day for both of us.

Due to the system at L’s school she’s had the same fantastic teacher throughout nursery and reception, meaning a seamless transition so far. In a way, because of this, entering the next stage almost feels like the end of an era.

We¬†plumped for Lindt as our parting thank you, from their Gifts for Teacher range. After a long week with my own children, let alone an extra thirty, I reach for the sweet stuff with a glass of Gordon’s and slice of lemon. As nicely as it would have fit into the metallic gift-bag, a celebratory can of Marks’ G & T alongside the choc seemed a little inappropriate.

Token packages aside, the main thing I want to pass to Mrs P today is my immense gratitude for giving L the precious foundations of her education. This invaluable mentor developed the confidence of my shy little girl, making her shine through all the things she loves. Showing L the beginnings of her own budding ability and guiding her steely strength of character, Mrs P sums up the true power and inspiration of a great teacher. Words of a slightly emotional parent that no present could ever be big enough to convey.


  1. Sally July 18, 2014 / 4:07 pm

    So so happy reading this! I had no idea she had such a wonderful teacher and know what a difference it can make. Also cannot believe shes finished her first year !!!

  2. Linda July 18, 2014 / 5:59 pm

    That was beautifully put!

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