Tootsa MacGinty Halloween Togs

Cool kids clothing brand Tootsa MacGinty are our most recent mini styling solution. Established exclusively for children, rather than just girls or boys, the unique unisex range radiates age appropriate designs and good quality materials.

Mr T road tested their Day of the Dead Halloween Sweatshirt and Everest Sweatpants in Earth Red, proving how totally practical they are. Both items comprise heavy duty (plus soft) pre-washed cotton jersey fabric, that moves well when playing. A day of fun in the autumn sun, and my little man stayed cosy and uninhibited for some serious leaf kicking. It’s always refreshing to find new shopping destinations so in tune with children’s clothing needs. Stylish and comfortable, there is no compromise to be made and all items can be mixed and matched.

Wardrobe wise, I love unusual and funky fashion features for kids- Tootsa MacGinty tick all of these boxes. The sweatshirt in particular has been a huge hit, complete with spooky spider, skull motif and a zippable tongue for playing cheeky tricks on friends. Walking round chanting “my a cool dude”, these togs have certainly got two year old T’s stamp of approval. That’s our Halloween outfit sorted.

Halloween Day of the Dead Sweatshirt £29 and Everest Sweatpants £27. Clothing c/o

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