PhotoBox of Memories

Last month was our sixth wedding anniversary, another significant milestone in the journey of us. Envisaging a present mirroring the memories of our special day, I thought of transferring a picture onto a cushion. Having recently worked with PhotoBox* on a craft focussed blog post to commemorate summer holiday adventures, the photo printing site seemed a perfect place to start.

Choosing an out of focus photo, we wanted to recreate the hazy, dreamlike feeling of our first dance. PhotoBox then weaved their magic, transferring our picture onto a Photo Cushion. Available in faux suede or canvas, and a variety of colours, the high quality gift can be personalised to suit your preferences. Looking at the cushion instantly conjures up memories of our first song, and those precious first moments as a married couple. The DJ dropped his laptop seconds before and we were dancing to a beat that we hadn’t chosen, but we couldn’t have cared less. The blurry image reminds me of that dizzy feeling I had when we first met, and the chaotic excitement of our whirlwind romance and wedding. A perfect keepsake to mark another happy year gone by.

*PhotoBox gifted me this cushion / credit for the purposes of a review

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