For crafty kids you have trouble keeping occupied, I’ve found the answer in the form of Mattel’s brand new creative figure concept AmiGami. Asked to review AmiGami ahead of their launch into stores in January 2015, this project was right up L’s street as she is constantly dreaming up new arty ideas.

Our AmiGami set included a penguin and polar bear, paper, stickers and curling tools. The AmiGami vision is that the plastic figures are your child’s base for endless hours of crafting, sticking and fun. Stickers feature googly eyes, bow ties, hearts, stars and all sorts of shapes, whilst tougher paper comes in brightly patterned design. Complete with plastic curling wand tool, L twisted the strips and made a tail for her penguin, while T decided on a springy tuft of hair for his polar bear. In addition, there are ears, wings and an assortment of features to further personalise each plastic pet. Technically targeted at children aged 7, my 2 and 5 year old really enjoyed their new toy task and just needed a little bit of help for the more fiddly bits. There’s a cat and other animal friends to collect, plus the stickers and papers are all re-usable, which is perfect for lots of play. Officially released in January priced at £10.99, this cute crafty collection is a definite must-buy. Innovative, imaginative and fantastic fun, AmiGami gets a big thumbs up from us.

Find out more about AmiGami over on their official YouTube channel where you can see the creation process in action. Follow AmiGami on Instagram here.

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