Atterley Road #ARWOMAN Campaign

Online fashion destination Atterley Road are currently promoting their inspirational #ARWOMAN campaign. Making a very important and empowering point that we are amazed and overwhelmed by women daily, the #ARWOMAN campaign invites us to celebrate and recognise this.

The Atterley Road blog has a series of interviews with said women, including a brilliant interview with Cinematographer Tasha Back. Clawing her way to success in a traditionally male dominated environment, Tasha talks about her passion, drive and determination. Offering us an insight into her journey within a notoriously hard-to-break industry, Tasha’s story is a fantastic example of how we can gain valuable nuggets of inspiration from the women around us. Also up there is an interview with Graphic Designer and Blogger Alexis Foreman. A mother of three boys, Alexis chats co-ordinating family life and her career. Alexis divulges details about vlogging, style and maintaining your sense of self. For me, this interview was significant as it raises the point that as mothers we are not defined solely by our children.

My #ARWOMAN is my sister Sally. A constant star in a sometimes dull sky, she brightens up every day with her infectious personality and positive outlook on life. Incredibly close since childhood, she is the other half of me. Life took a tricky turn for Sal a few years ago when she suddenly became very ill; what initially appeared to be flu turned into the chronic and debilitating disease M.E. Fighting a serious illness as well as people’s expectations of her at a desperately low time, she still managed to simultaneously become a Fundraising Manager within the hospice she works and is now almost recovered. Raising awareness of this illness has been a key aim of hers, and she has provided support for fellow sufferers as Sal knows all too well the effect it can have on your whole life. Sally is the best example of an inspirational #ARWOMAN, supporting others and grabbing life with both hands when some days it was harder for her to do that than can even be put into words. Basically, in a nutshell, she rocks.

You too can join in the discussion, telling Atterley Road which woman inspires you most. Tag your image with #ARWOMAN and share on Instagram. Find out more about this exciting campaign here.

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