Barbie in Princess Power

Barbie’s Birthday is the day after mine so in honour of Barbs and I’s double celebration last Sunday L had a present to unwrap too, with new feature film Barbie in Princess Power and accompanying Barbie Super Sparkle doll.

Happily playing as I opened my own pressies (clever tactics), L and T settled down to watch Barbie in Princess Power whilst simultaneously fighting over who got to twirl the new doll around. In the film itself, Barbie plays Kara, a princess with a secret superstar alter ego. Kissed by a butterfly, her powers are discovered and Kara must switch between Royal duties and fighting baddies. Mirroring the movie, Barbie Super Sparkle comes complete with both superhero and princess status, and the ability to swap personas at the push of a button. Definitely a dressing up dream, Barbie’s princess skirt magically transforms into a superhero cape, and her tiara into a mask. Hours of fun to be had, this doll was a big hit in our house. A new take on Barbie, we loved the dual personality and superpower combi.

Not surprisingly L has now requested pinks streaks in her hair, and started designing her own superhero cape.

A big thanks to Mattel for gifting us the Barbie in Princess Power DVD and Barbie Super Sparkle doll. Barbie Super Sparkle doll RRP £22.99.

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  1. Sally March 18, 2015 / 5:40 pm

    Brilliant!! looks fab!! Love L’s superhero mask too xxx

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