Barbie Princess Power #BeSuper

National Super Hero Day taking place on the 28th April, Mattel asked us to join in with their celebrations, inspiring girls to #BeSuper. An online survey revealing that 9/10 girls wished there were more female superheroes, they obviously also aspire to being heroes themselves.

From flying to beating baddies, Barbie in Princess Power is a cape, mask and super power extravaganza that little ones can get involved with. My minis keen to road-test some Mattel goodies, we had an afternoon of superhero fun with Barbie figures from the film including; Princess Power Super Sparkle, Princess Power Corinne, Chelsea Superhero plus Princess Power colouring books. With an extra special vanity playset to boot, you can click in your smartphone for hours of entertainment. Or, dance around to Taylor Swift as my two (plus yours truly) requested. And, the vanity front flips to reveal a super hero control panel.

The idea behind Princess Power is presented via Barbie asking kids to think about what makes them super, a question I posed to my two. L plumped for her fantastic artist flair, something she spends a hundred happy hours working at and enjoying. For T it had to be a newly perfected scooter spin, one very proud trick he does to impress his big sis. Empowering each other to celebrate skills they have and hobbies which make them happiest, I love the idea of kids looking at themselves from this viewpoint.

For Lyla, Kara from Barbie in Princess Power being head-to-toe in sassy sparkles as well as fighting crime, is just the icing on the cake.

Barbie in Princess Power is available on DVD and digital download now.

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