Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Ideal if you’re searching for beach babe waves or want a tousled twist to your locks, I recently trialled the Cloud Nine Waving Wand.

Professional and award-winning hair styling experts, Cloud Nine cover irons, wands and accessories within their range as well as The O, heated velcro rollers with a difference. Forever on the pursuit of sleek effortless waves which tame the natural curl my hair has (aka Monica from Friends humidity frizz), I was very happy to try out the Waving Wand.

Complete with heat protective glove and safety mat, the wand arrived in a chic bag and box combination packaging, tied by a ribbon. Priced at £99.95, I was seriously impressed with this styling tong. After spritzing hair with Label M Texturising Volume Spray, I usually just rough-dry my ‘do. Following up with the waving wand, you can either grab random sections to curl or go for a full head of waves. Depending on how much time I have to spend on my hair, and whether it’s a school run morning, I now tend to switch between both options. Locks are left smoothed and wavy, quickly and efficiently transforming tired tresses.

You can choose the optimum temperature for you, based on the heat controls on the wand. The inclusive heat protective glove is genius, as it allows you to wind hair round the wand and hold in place without singing your mitts. As someone with a long history of burning holes in carpets using hair tongs, the mat is a welcome addition. A kick-stand element also allows for standing the styling wand upright, resting it between waves if you need.

A definite hair tool must-have, I used alongside texture products and a spritz of hair spray to curl my ‘do with the Cloud Nine Waving Wand for a friend’s wedding recently. Ta- Dah!


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