Room To Grow Children’s Beds and Bedroom Furniture

We’re currently in the midst of moving bedrooms around and re-organizing L’s stuff, exploring the stylish yet practical bedroom furniture site Room to Grow*.

Covering girls’ and boys’ bedrooms, their intuitive designs take into consideration all the intricate parts needed for kids storage. The Solitaire White Midsleeper with Pullout Desk and Chest (£449) caught our eye in terms of cabin beds, as it combines a chest of drawers plus desk. Always drawing, L is desperate for more art space, something the Parisot Uber Desk (£85) also provides.

If your little girl is not into the pink side of things, the gorgeous Grace White Storage Box (£199) is a fresh, clean canvas for keeping toys in. Already assembled, this ticks every box in terms of extra room (no pun intended…). Five going on six, L’s at the stage beyond babyish chintz and ready to grow into a more chic environment. If we had the floor space, I’d go for one of Room to Grow’s girls’ double beds, perfect for sleepovers and siblings sneaking in at story time. Either way, after this room’s finished you can guarantee, I’ll want to move in myself.

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