Ancienne Ambiance Colonia Collection

Luxury home and body boutique Ancienne Ambiance recently released their stunning Colonia Collection. A trio of exclusive perfume, each Eau de Cologne is named after a Roman Numeral.

Comprising different fragrance top, heart and base notes, these unique debut colognes are available in both roll-on and spray format. The group of gorgeous scents are; Colonia IV, Colonia VI and Colonia VII.

I’m a big fan of the roll-on selection, containing all three colognes in a make-up bag friendly size. Easy to add to pulse points and other prime perfume areas, these minis are brilliant if you’re on the move. Sampling this set, I loved them all, with tones of Italian Lavender, Vineyard Peach and Florida Orange to be found. A unisex range, my other half has now happily acquired Colonia IV, which includes a blend of Italian Lemon, French Orange Blossom and Tonka Bean.

Hair perfume a huge word in beauty at the moment, the spray versions of the Colonia Collection would be perfect to spritz on your ‘do. Impossible to choose a fave, I do like Colonia VII with its Blackcurrant Bud, Italian Tangerine and Marshmallow combination. Although, the Argentine Lemon, Geranium and White Musc of Colonia VI is a unique and exquisite addition to my fragrance collection.

Niche perfumery, the Colonia Collection is uplifting, elegant and luxurious- ideal if you’re a fragrance fanatic like me.

Ancienne Ambiance Eau de Cologne is priced at £20-£78.

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