Back to School Blues & School Gate Support

So the babies are back to school (ok, ok, they’re three and six). Mr T starting nursery today, it made me so emotional to see him in his brand spanking new uniform and smart shoes; sad to lose the toddler years, but happy for him discover an exciting adventure.

Aware that they may struggle at first, from L in a new class to T in a totally alien environment altogether, walking out of school after drop-off is always an “aaaand breathe” situation. When L started nursery school, she went in with such excitement for the first few days, before going through a stage of screaming as I left. Being restrained by the teacher so I could actually walk away one day, the tears pricked my eyes and I silently removed myself from the room. Knowing she would be absolutely fine, it was her emotional loony mother who wasn’t.

Then a few days later, an argument between a pair of three year olds over a play pushchair formed one of the strongest friendships I have known. Embarrassed my not-always-angelic little girl had pushed another child over in a barbaric fight for her favourite nursery toy, I apologised to the little girl’s mother. Laughing about it over coffee, a firm friendship was born. Three years on and that fellow mum is still my school gate rock, meaning hugs in the playground and gritted teeth when we break up our children’s arguments or navigate term time tantrums.

So as T starts nursery, I’m plastering on a smile even if I don’t feel like it, knowing that another mum may feel the same as I did that day. Always in need of a knowing look or an extra curricular glass of wine, I believe in embracing the good, bad and the ugly, and sharing that common bond which is motherhood.

P.s I also bought myself new shoes for the kids starting school, albeit Nike Air Max not patent Mary-Janes… always a good plan.

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  1. Honest Mum (@HonestMummy) September 4, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    Wish I could see you at the school gates, you are so kind hun and gorgeous too. Loving those Nikes girl, I’ve been wearing trainers more recently too! Love this x

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