Healthy Family Eating with Primrose’s Kitchen

Recently I’ve got stuck into a gluten and dairy-free eating plan for my own health reasons, and it’s made me more aware of general healthy eating habits. I’m trying to broaden my horizons with easy and extra twists, especially when cooking for the family. I’ve teamed up with Primrose Matheson, founder of Primrose’s Kitchen, to share some simple tips to get the family eating healthily.

Primrose says,  “Often family members don’t all like the same things; TV shows, clothes, sorts of foods etc!  So I think the best thing is to create the ultimate healthy Pick’n’Mix which can work hot or cold, perfect for any time of the day”.

Here Primrose shares her top tips for adding a healthy angle into family mealtimes:

  • Make a bowl of quinoa with some coriander and lime
  • Mix up a rocket salad
  • Add in roasted red peppers (from a jar in oil or roast your own)
  • Roast parsnip and sweet potatoes with herbs and salt
  • Make some bean burgers or re-fried beans
  • Oven roast a couple of fillets of fish simply with lemon and herbs or perhaps some organic sausages if you’re a meat-eater
  • Grate some Manchego
  • Make a bowl of guacamole, beetroot hummus, salsa or other dip
  • Maybe even scramble some eggs
  • Throw some warmed tortillas or pittas into the mix for a final hurrah!
  • What’s great about eating like this is there is usually enough to last for lunch the next day or you can add additional bowls of food to bulk it up again and make it a little different.
  • This kind of meal not only is very balanced but can suit lots of different tastes and the assembly of the pittas or tortilla wraps is fun for the kids. It’s an easy way to get kids interested in healthy foods – they will love thinking up their own combinations and additions.

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