Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home

Hands up who loves Sylvanian Families? A huge childhood fan, they still fill me with happiness as a big kid/ 31 year old. So when Mr T was sent a Cosy Cottage Starter Home plus Striped Cat Family to review, I was more than happy to play too.

Priced at £24.99, the Cosy Cottage is the perfect way to build up your Sylvanian Families collection. A decent sized, sturdy house, the cottage starter set includes; Cosy Cottage, ladder 1 Freya Chocolate Rabbit, table, bench, 2 chairs, kitchen table, dish, omelette, frying pan, fork, bed, mattress and quilt. The top floor doubles up as a garden and all the features provide tons of fun and playing time. You can also connect it to other Sylvanian Families toys to make a bigger structure, adding on Beechwood Hall, Bluebell Seven Seater, Maple Manor with Carport, Seaside Restaurant, Country Doctor, Country Tree School, Hamburger Restaurant and Supermarket.

Comprising a red roof, brick exterior and window shutters, the Cosy Cottage has a kitchen unit with oven and sink for play cooking. Freya Chocolate Rabbit invites you in, showing off her red polka dot dress, Cosy Cottage decor and floral bedding upstairs.

Our accompanying Striped Cat Family (sold separately) are adorned in signature Sylvanian clothing and cute kitsch detail. T made all his miniature pals tackle the ladder, playing out little scenarios along the way. Simple to re-assemble after taking the top layer out for a garden, Mr T absolutely loves his new toys. Little does he know, I secretly like to tidy up the Starter Home when he’s at nursery school…

The Cosy Cottage Starter Home and Striped Cat Family were gifted to us for the purpose of this review.

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