Hygge Time

I did something stupid last week, cut my finger badly while cleaning the bathroom. Somehow this taught me a lesson though, apart from the screamingly obvious one that housework is a health hazard.

I’ve been going ten to the dozen recently (whatever that means), on permanent autopilot. So yes that is what adult life is, I suppose; time spent sorting responsibilities, working and the rest. But, I feel like I sometimes lose the ability to stop and appreciate the simple things.

I’m one of those people who worries if I haven’t got something to worry about, a frantic organiser and someone who needs to feel in control. But alongside that comes stress that needs to be shaken off. Unable to do as much while my war-wound heals, this has forced me to recognise that some tasks can wait. I’m looking at the autumn leaves and taking a moment to just be. Stillness is definitely underrated. I’ve been tempted to try one of the adult colouring books for a while, and am now waiting for the Vogue version to be released in November. Snuggling up on autumn nights and pretending to be a fashion designer sounds like a good idea to me.

Time spent being still almost needs as much focus as busy hours. I’ve heard the Danish word “hygge” a lot recently, which is pronounced hue-gah and means cosiness with loved ones. Don’t judge my rock n’ roll lifestyle, but huddling up with a book and blanket at 8pm is my idea of bliss. In a world that is always switched on, I started turning my phone off around this time a few months ago. Fighting any urge to text someone back, reply to email or look at Twitter, I can’t recommend it enough. That, and prioritising family moments, windswept walks at the beach and playing with kids minus technology.

So while I sit here with my comedy bandage courtesy of a loose razor blade (don’t ask), I’m already planning hygge time tonight. Autumn is definitely the best season¬†for it.

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