Mummy Days

When Mr T was a month old, a man stopped me and wistfully said he wished he could go back to the beginning with his children. I wondered if this was out of sadness over how quickly kids grow up, or whether he’d have done things differently.

I knew that would be a significant moment, and the baby years would go in a flash from thereon in. More often than not, the mummy days all blur into one. Everyday routines and stresses can make life seem monotonous, despite trying to hold onto special milestones. That ‘aargh’ feeling when the kids drive me mad and I lose my temper, makes me totally lose sight of how precious this time is.

Watching the changes in my children brings me such happiness, seeing them face and overcome their own challenges. Throughout all this, there are times I think I’ve got it totally wrong. Other days I feel happy I have it all in hand, juggling kids, work and home life. Whether we think we’ve got it right or not, how often do we beat ourselves up? It has to stop!

I often remember that man’s words, and it makes me cherish the little things in amongst the daily chaos. I also really look forward to the many new stages ahead. However quickly time flies, in motherhood and in general, all we can give each day is the best that we’ve got.


  1. Zaz (@mama_andmore) November 4, 2015 / 11:37 am

    Oh Helen, this is so true, and exactly mirrors how I feel daily. Of course there are days that are hard, moments that are frustrating, but I keep thinking that they are just a drop in time in relation to the length of time our children’s lives are, and our time to parent, and to be the one they want to call out to, to have as a playmate, until we’re less needed, or just needed in a different way. I agree, cherish every beautiful moment, and know that every difficult time is one that will pass. I’m off to collect my boy and spend the afternoon making cakes together!

    • mummymode November 5, 2015 / 2:25 pm

      What a beautiful comment! Thank you so much. Is good we feel the same, just feel motherhood is about supporting each other and most importantly, staying honest about the challenges we face xx

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