Perfect7 Blogger Challenge: An Update


It’s been a little over 7 weeks since I started the Perfect7 Blogger Challenge, so I thought I’d bring you all an update.

To refresh your memory, my part in the challenge of the 7 lifestyle changes 7 bloggers took on, was to eat more fruit and veg. Taking Perfect7 Woman supplements alongside this, my diet has honestly never been so healthy.

I upped my fruit and vegetable portions significantly by having 2 large NutriBullets a day; these are packed with anything I can find in the fridge basically. Each one contains an entire collander of anything from spinach to strawberries, blueberries to carrots.

We were told to be totally honest in our documentation of this trial, and I desperately wanted to see a change in the thickness of my hair. I can report back that amazingly, I achieved this- with even my hairdresser commenting on the change. Obviously the Perfect7 supplements helped, as they contain Biotin to support hair growth. However, I actually think the diet change made a huge difference.

After having my babies, I got that wispy thin effect round the temples that most of us get after birth. As hair doesn’t fall out at all during pregnancy, it’s a dramatic shock when it suddenly comes out in clumps after the baby is born. Really affecting my confidence, I’ve been self-conscious about the thickness of my mop for a good few years now. Hugely (and pleasantly) surprised to welcome this change in my hair, I will definitely continue on this path.

I’ve also noticed a clearer complexion and nails that need cutting more often. A total coffee fiend, my morning and afternoon smoothies give me my usual caffeine energy spike. I find these particularly useful at that dreaded 3pm slump time, and they truly do wake me up. My previous coffee intake probably puts me to shame, and although I will keep drinking the delicious stuff, it shall be reduced significantly.

So, having participated in the Perfect7 Blogger Challenge, I’ve increased my energy levels, cut down on caffeine, noticed thicker hair and nails and a clearer complexion. Not bad for tweaking my lifestyle just a little, by adding in some nutritious fruit and veg plus Perfect7 Woman supplements. A valuable change that I am almost certainly going to continue with, I’m very pleased to have been part of the Perfect7 Blogger Challenge.

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