Silentnight Meaning of Dreams Campaign


As part of their Meaning of Dreams campaign, bed company Silentnight recently sent over a Dreambox; goodies to help me have a restful sleep and decipher dreams.



The box contained; Clipper Sleep Easy Organic Tea, this works Deep Calm Pillow Spray and Breathe In, plus The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace and a Dream Journal. Not to mention, the signature Silentnight hippo in PJS with duck attached, which Mr T has obviously snaffled for himself.

Like all of us, I struggle to switch off before bed and have found the only way to unwind is by unplugging technology no later than 8pm. A cup of something hot, long bubble bath and a good read is also my bedtime remedy, so I’m loving the Sleep Easy Tea and this works de-stress products. The Deep Calm Pillow Spray is a ritual which adds to the roll-on Breathe In, both a brilliant way to relax. I actually like to use the roll-on when I’m out and about, putting on my pulse points if I’m feeling fraught.

My little man is definitely having a restful sleep too, tucked up with his new hippo. I’m just waiting for the moment T wants some matching striped pyjamas.

Anyway, onto the deciphering dreams bit. I have a recurrent dream, that I’m back at school and studying for my History A Level exam (why History?!) and I’ve missed all my classes. I’m worried how to ever catch up and I’ve forgotten where or when the class is held, and how to admit I’ve not been to any lately. This is the primary dream recorded in my new Dream Journal, a book which has space to record dreams by detailing dates and events, emotions. You can even sketch images associated with the dreams. Fab to keep beside the bed, it’s amazing what you write down that you don’t even remember in the morning.

Analyzing the weird and the wonderful of dreams is Ian Wallace’s dream dictionary. I looked up recurrent dreams to start with and it says “Opportunity to make a new start, by understanding my fundamental behavioural patterns, rather than becoming stuck in them”. Then, searching under ‘exams’, I uncovered; “Opportunity to understand what I have learned, so I can add it to my experience, rather than being self-critical of my behaviours”.

I am an absolute expert at being self-critical, but let’s face it- who isn’t? Investigating meaning behind dreams fascinates me, and the chance to compare this to my daily patterns is totally intriguing. Next time I have my History dream, I’m definitely going to look into understanding what I’ve learned and avoiding being stuck in behavioural patterns.

After a cosy cuppa and some relaxing pillow spray, I wonder what tonight’s dreaming will bring…


With thanks to Silentnight for sending me the Dreambox.

Find out more about Silentnight’s Meaning of Dreams campaign over on their website¬†

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