Winter Warmer Ideas


So it’s freezing outside and January seems to be going on forever. Hibernation not an option, here are a few other cold weather coping tactics I’ll be clinging to-

Shop the sales for new shoes

I’ve got a weekend away with the Mr booked in for Feb, some child-free time to look forward to. Naturally, I need new shoes and I’m picturing a pair of pull-on over the knee boots. I love the selection on offer at Jones Bootmaker*, especially their Priscilla ones.  I’ve held off buying any so far this winter as I was a bit overwhelmed by the price, but big sale reductions definitely makes them much more tempting.

Blow away the cobwebs

Winter always seems to mean lethargy, a slump in which I can see why people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are loads of beaches nearby to where I live and I can’t wait for this rain to stop so that we can all put on 20 layers and face the elements. This brings me nicely to my next suggestion…

Keep cosy

My sister bought me the above snazzy socks as part of an advent gift (a pair of Primark beauties) and I’ve basically been living in them. Pyjamas on as soon as physically possible, I’m lighting candles and getting into bed early with a book. Pure bliss, it almost makes those dark nights do-able.

Buy fresh flowers

There’s nothing like a load of bright roses to bring sunshine back into the grey and grim months. I can almost pretend it’s getting warmer and the colours are dramatically cheering.

Once March arrives, spring feels so much nearer, but until then you’ll find me prancing round the house in new shoes before cuddling up for an extra early night. Hands up who else is ready for summer?

*Featured link.

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