5 Ways to tie a Ponytail

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I’ve had 2 poorly kids this week, which has meant even more dry shampoo than usual. A big fan of a high pony, it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of Batiste, a scrunchie and some hairspray. Like most mums in a rush, I tend to have about 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning and am always in need of new ideas.

One of L’s faves is a ‘loop da loop’, so called as you tie the ponytail loosely and then loop it back on itself through the gap, before securing by pulling the bobble tight. Clearly, from this imaginatively title updo, I’m no professional. So as I’m a huge follower of their products and the amazing, replenishing Restore and Shine Hair Masque in particular, I’ve asked those lovely experts at Ogario London for their top ponytail tips.

Running out of exciting ways to do my hair on a morning, noon and night, I’m definitely opting for one of these easy styles next…

1) The Knotted Pony: Tie hair into a ponytail with a thin hairband, then take part of the length of the pony and wrap it around the hairband to hide it, securing in place with a Kirby grip underneath.

2) The High Pony: The simple act of lifting your ponytail away from the nape of your neck towards the middle of your head can give a more playful, dressed up look.

3) The Plaited Pony: You’ve tied your pony – now plait it! For a modern and easy style, finish the plait halfway down the pony and tie in place.

4) The Twisted Pony: Before you tie your pony with a hairband, split the length in two and twist together.

5) The Side Pony: Tie your ponytail at the side of your head to create a more sophisticated look in seconds.


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