Valentine’s Day Dining

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Valentine’s Day has evolved over the years from a night out with friends, to a romantic meal for two, to a chaotic family frenzy. So, I’m planning on chucking all three into the mix for 2016’s festivities.

Furniture specialists HMC Furniture Ltd* are well aware of the importance of dressing your dining table when it comes to Valentine’s and have asked me to share my Valentine’s Day plans. This year I’ve gone full circle and will be sharing a lunch date with my lovely friend Vicki AKA Honest Mum on the day itself.

To be totally honest, I’m actually escaping the chaos of our dining table for another, as we have a lot of house stuff going on that week. New flooring and a bathroom refit are definitely an incentive to escape to Yorkshire for some girl time. At our restaurant table I’m hoping for flowing wine and a bunch of roses from my mate. (hint, hint Vicki!)

I love the idea of Valentine’s and being away is obviously a little of a romance killer but I’m aware of the whole commercialisation part, so the best thing has to be trying to add a little bit of Valentine’s ethos into everyday life. Before writing this blog, I may have made Mr B’s favourite chocolate cake at the same time as playing ‘teachers’ with Mr T and sorting some emails, which I’d class as definite (and obviously totally selfless) spontaneous romance.

Onto the family part; L designed these place mats for a Photobox guest blog I wrote, and they make me so happy when setting the table. Moving our Valentine’s forward a weekend, this Saturday night will be a family feast with the kids, a dining table full of flowers before duvets on the sofa and Ninja Warrior. Who said romance was dead, huh?

But, me and the Mr have a nice weekend away booked for the following Fri, Sat, Sun, so we’re not missing out altogether… And in the meantime, bring on the girl date!

*Post in collaboration with Oak Furniture UK.

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  1. Honest Mum February 4, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    I can’t wait for our date MRS! I will bring you roses haha! Gorgeous post and I love the table/ settings and styling of this! Most of all, I love the idea of bringing everyone together to celebrate-kids, husband, the works. I LOVE (get it) that there’s a day dedicated to love- love is EVERYTHING-truly, you can never have enough and I fully embrace a day which recognises and reminds us to spread it a bit more thickly (it doesn’t have to be materialistic)-cannot wait for our love-in, mwah xx

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