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My new favourite hair product is ghd’s Advanced Split End Therapy (£19.95), a serum activated by heat which then seals in its protection.

Instantly nourishing the ends of your hair, I add it to my towel dried ‘do before drying with the hairdryer and straightening. Complete with Thermo Marine Bonding System™, it fills broken hair fibres and repairs split ends. I’ve taken to washing my hair less recently, to try and keep the condition and colour. Somehow, using this bad boy, the straightness of my hair stays too. I wear it down two days and up a day or two, and it honestly stays smooth and not in need of a re-straighten as my hair can become after sleeping on it.

The Super Nutrient Complex seals the deal by preventing future breakage and leaving hair looking stronger and shinier. To be blunt, it is just a brilliant beauty buy.

All ghds, including the new Platinum Styler, maintain a continuous heat of 185°, which is the best temperature to achieve the most benefit in fewest strokes. Styling below this heat will take more goes at styling the hair, thus more damage. And, when styling too high, the keratin protein in the hair melts, causing irreversible damage.

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In case your hair, like mine, is in need of some extra tlc, I’ve teamed up with ghd’s Head of Education, Jo Robertson. Jo explains exactly why your hair may be prone to split ends and what you can do to avoid further damage:

  • CHEMICAL Chemical damage by permanent dyes, bleaches, perms and sunlight exposure is the biggest cause of split ends.
  • BRUSHING Always comb and brush your hair gently. Split ends form more readily in dry hair and it is proven that combing dry causes more damage than combing wet.
  • DIET Eating lots of sugar or refined foods? Do you YoYo diet? How about junk food? All of these things can cause split ends! Maintain a healthy diet for healthy hair.
  • VITAMINS No matter how well you eat, your hair needs some extra vitamins to keep it healthy. Taking a high quality, food based vitamin is a great way to nourish your hair and help prevent breakage and split ends. B vitamins, Zinc, Copper and Manganese, along with plenty of Selenium; all of these vitamins and minerals help keep hair strong and healthy.
  • DEHYDRATED Not drinking enough water can dehydrate you from the inside out. When your body is dehydrated, your hair can become dry, increasing the chance of developing split ends and breakage.
  • PRODUCTS Some products can do more damage to your hair than good. Keep away from harsh silicone based gels and styling agents. For a guilt free styling product, try the ghd heat protect spray (£12.95) for an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on dry or damp hair!
  • SMOKING As well as being bad for your whole body smoking is bad for your hair too.
  • STRESS Believe it or not, stress can seriously ruin your hair. Stress overload depletes the hair of the precious nutrients it needs to stay healthy, protected and free from split ends.

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