Marie Claire Breakfree Campaign: My Contribution

Marie Claire breakfree

Across January and February have been running an empowering and inspirational campaign called #BREAKFREE.

Covering a variety of topics, these have included; Body Hate, Shame,  Ageism, Likes, Fear and Racism. Each week, writers and bloggers discuss the importance of breaking free from restrictions. Exploring inequality, diversity and problems, these articles are provocative, informative, eye-opening and inspiring. Sharing stories and top tips, basically the #BREAKFREE campaign is a brilliant series that you need to check out.

Asked to add my contribution, I chose to write for the Labels week. I wanted to discuss the importance of reclaiming how we see ourselves and others. Talking about positive labelling rather than judging others in a negative way, I’m calling for us to move away from putting each other in those metaphorical boxes.

Whether we do this consciously or self-consciously, it has to stop right now. In a lot of ways this is for our own sanity too, as I for one am most guilty of repeatedly judging and criticising myself. Calling upon my experience of being restricted by endometriosis, I’m again trying to raise awareness of this horrendously debilitating disease. Lena Dunham recently spoke out about cancelling her book tour because of endo, thrusting the women’s health topic back into the limelight once more. Yet, there’s a wider issue here, and that is strengthening each other and ourselves, by reclaiming how we describe both negative and positive parts of our lives and personalities.

Just as I refuse to be ashamed of discussing what could be classed as my weakness, neither should anyone else. And is the way we judge ourselves more hurtful than our labelling of those around us?

You can read my Marie Claire piece HERE. I’d love you to have a look, share and/or let me know what you think.


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