International Women’s Day, Selfish Mother & The Sisterhood


I’m very proud that my birthday, 8th March, always falls on International Women’s Day. A strong advocate of the sisterhood, I feel so passionate about supporting other women (and men too, for that matter).


I’m also lucky enough to have a watertight set of women around me, including a very good friend who made this “Stay Strong” bunting for me this week. She has seen the best and worst of me, yet stuck by my side throughout (you know who you are lady…).

It goes without saying that we’ve all been through tough times that can either make or break friendships. And by now, I hope I’ve realised how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to supportive sisters. There will always be women who are waiting to tear us down, sometimes out of jealousy, and really what is the point in that? But it is our job to either kill them with kindness or outright ignore their negativity.

One inspiring and positive woman is Molly Gunn AKA Selfish Mother, who produces the above Maman sweat, which I got for my birthday from my Mum and sister. Molly’s #GoodTees were created to support amazing causes, including Help Refugees UK, of which all profits from the sale of this particular sweat go to. You can buy tops and tees, featuring sassy slogans such as Strong, Winging It (because let’s face it, who isnt?), Sista and Mother.

Another International Women’s Day-themed charity that benefits from the sale of Selfish Mother tops is Women for Women International, who help women in 8 war-torn regions. Nobody is left out, as you can grab men’s and kids’ clobber too, and the Selfish Mother line also recently landed in John Lewis stores.


I had a lovely, relaxed day yesterday with a child-free lunch followed by 4 and 6 year old-iced cakes. This year, more than ever, I’m feeling fortunate for those around me, and the fact that International Women’s Day has had so much media coverage underlines this sentiment with a great big marker pen.


  1. Molly Gunn March 10, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    Love this thank you so much!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY (WEEK).xxx

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