Aldi Specialbuys: Easter Kids’ Toys, Clothes & Crafts

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Easter holidays looming, I’m already feeling a bit frantic about keeping the kids entertained. So when Aldi sent me some info about their latest Easter toys, crafts and even cute PJs available in the Specialbuys section, I was keen to find out more.

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We’ve got a brand spanking new Aldi around the corner, recently opening here. And, it’s amazing what bargains you can grab in terms of extras on the food shop. I’ve found everything from cut-price sticker books to cardboard spaceships there, both of which I’m thinking I need to have in my Easter holidays arsenal. Their range also makes for excellent birthday presents.

Aldi kindly sent the kids a box of their Specialbuys, including themed pyjamas, a skateboard, craft set and roller skates. The PJs in particular went down a storm with Mr T, as he basically think he is Batman, and these are the character adorning his pair.Other goodies on offer are; scooters, a basketball set, soft toys, a craft caddy, puzzles, egg cups and plates, trainers, joggers and t-shirts. Prices start at 99p, which makes me love this Specialbuys range even more, as the last thing you need when shopping is a screaming child asking for expensive toys. While doing a food shop… head-ache central or what!

I like getting in the mood for Easter as it definitely feels like the lighter evenings make a difference and spring is in the air. Hopefully. If we get nice enough weather, I’m wanting to get the kids outside with some crafts and let them run off some end-of-term steam. Plus, maybe they could draw over last summer’s permanent marker pavement etchings of their friend Flick’s name, which after a rainy winter now looks like another word beginning with F.

Failing all that, Aldi’s wine section is pretty bang-on too.

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