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I’ve spoken before about the toll pregnancy and birth took on my hair. All to do with hormonal changes, I honestly had no idea at the time that once pregnancy had thickened my mop, it would then dramatically thin after baby was born.

Battling on after I’d had L, I was truly dismayed when huge clumps came out and even lopped off my long locks hoping to restore it. Not a time when glamour is at a high anyway, my self esteem took a battering as I tearfully looked in the mirror urging my hair to thicken again. Tell-tale signs were the wispy bits round the front which I actually still have, but I also experienced great big gaps around the temples where my hair had been. Probably much more obvious to myself than to anyone else, it was nonetheless a really upsetting part of the post-birth process.

I was much more equipped second time round, popping hair, skin and nails vitamins at every opportunity. These definitely made a significant difference and I’d urge all women, mamas or not, to invest. Perfectil from Vitabiotics do a brilliant version, which I tend to use, and they have specifically formulated packets for individual hair and skincare needs. You can also buy Boots and Superdrug own brand packets. Plus, Spatone Natural Iron Supplements can add an excellent boost, to general energy and hair health. They are natural so you can take alongside vitamins and you just pour into a drink. I still rely on both of these as part of my beauty routine.

Four years on from the birth of Mr T, I’m still conscious of hair health and maintaining a thicker look to my mop. It isn’t a massive issue anymore, yet I will always strive to feel confident in this area, knowing how a lack of crowning glory can make us women feel. As I know I’m not the only one with these hair woes, I wanted to share a few tricks I’ve got shoved up my sleeve. No doubt, these will grow with my experience of new products on the market and I’m sure this won’t be the last post-baby hair blog I write.

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Something which has helped me more than anything is a massive increase in the amount of raw fruit and veg, but mostly veg, I eat. I started using a NutriBullet this time last year, and the difference in thickness of my hair is incredible. I’ve always had thin hair, but a lot of it- so as soon as some diminishes, it is noticeable. My hair is now as thick as it has ever been (with the exception of the Aslan-effect of pregnancies).

I don’t use any recipes, just simply shoving into the smoothie whatever I have in the fridge, and I can’t say it always tastes good/even palatable, but I swear it works. Focusing on dark leafy greens, these make up the majority of my smoothies. I add in berries, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, avocadoes, pineapple and whatever else is on offer at Aldi/Lidl that week, so it needn’t be an expensive habit to maintain. And, if you’re not in the market for buying a NutriBullet, just up the amount of raw veg you eat on your plate at meals or for extra snacks.

It may sound tedious, and I know it’s not for everyone, but, my skin and hair health has seriously never appeared better.

Product-wise, I’m a big believer in the restoring properties of a regular hair mask, with label.m’s Honey & Oat treatment (£15.75) at the top of my list. To be used every 3 or 4 washes, it’s not a huge time commitment as you can leave the mask on for anything from 1 minute up to 5. Sometimes for extra ease, I just slop it on instead of conditioner, so I know I’ve added the nourishment my hair needs.  And when it was thinning, I felt reassured to know my existing hair was in good nick.

The mask is hydrating and strengthening and smells delicious to boot, so it works well as a mini beauty blitz if it’s not only your hair feeling frazzled. A definite mama must-have.


Dry shampoo is a great way to make hair look thicker as well as adding texture, and again from label.m is their fab version which I go for in Brunette. Creating the illusion of thick hair is important and once you’ve managed to do this, you need a heavy duty product to keep it in place. Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray is nothing short of amazing. You can buy it in hair salons and it is quite expensive at around the £18 mark, but, it’s the best I’ve found.

As the spray is humidity-resistant, it doesn’t dry out your ‘do. Also adding shine, this beauty will add extra depth and drama to anything from a normal ponytail to straightened or curled locks. This spray has definitely given me greater hair confidence as it makes it stay put, with movement to boot.

Because, let’s face it,at the risk of sounding like a beauty ad; how you feel inside is all that flipping well matters…

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