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In terms of anti-ageing skincare, marine collagen is a key ingredient for plumping up skin and removing fine lines and wrinkles.

As a beauty product ingredient, it’s not new, but it will remain a crucial property to look out for. Taking marine collagen supplements as part of our diet is however an innovative and rising trend, ensuring we are directly consuming this powerful component.

Vida Glow is a gorgeous brand I recently discovered, offering sachets of marine collagen supplements which you can pour over berries, add to smoothies and basically do what you want with. They sent me some of their products to try over a few months and I really like the pineapple flavour , definitely enjoying the taste of this skin treat. Promoting healthier skin, hair and nails from within, Vida Glow suggest different supplement plans depending on your needs.

Until our mid-twenties, our bodies naturally produce collagen. However, once past this age it begins to decline, with a supplement such as Vida Glow ensuring we continue to stimulate the body’s natural supply. Collagen is vital for healthy hair, avoiding brittle nails and also helping to maintain healthy muscles and connective tissues.

Derived from fibrous protein extracted from the scales of the Deep Sea Red Snapper fish, the marine collagen found in Vida Glow is sustainable sourced and all-natural. Hailing from Australia, (I like to think I’m adding a little sunshine into my diet), they obtain the marine collagen used from Japan. This is then quality and safety tested in specific labs in Sydney.

I’m a big believer of the importance of what we put into our bodies, and the fact that Vida Glow tastes good is a bonus. Free from gluten, wheat, soy, lactose, dairy, allergens, carbohydrates and fats, it means everyone can taste it, which isn’t always the case with supplements.

Flavours include peach, blueberry, mango, original and pineapple, and each one contains vitamins and antioxidants. Since taking the supplements, or pouring over my blueberries in fact, my skin has seemed healthier. My biggest concern since having kids is hair health and I’m convinced it has become thicker and shinier too.

Well worth a try, why not invest in some Australian Vida Glow and will the sun to shine where you are too!

1 x pack of 30 x 3 g sachets is priced at £33.95.

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