George at Asda Maternity Matters: Announcing Pregnancies & Hyperemesis Gravidarum

George at Asda

George at Asda recently approached me to share how I announced my pregnancies, on their Life and Style site.

In the feature I’ve explained about being cautious of  sharing too much info about my first pregnancy especially, due to a variety of reasons.

It was pretty hard to hide my pregnancies from those closest to me though, as I had the very grim Hyperemesis Gravidarum both times (an extreme version of morning sickness requiring drips and hospitalisation). It’s a lot more than your standard morning sickness, and is a serious condition which means you can end up dehydrated and severely ill. So bad first time round, the docs even thought I had appendicitis and I ended up having an op. Think of the worst hangover of your life, alongside the knowledge it could go on for 40 weeks.

Luckily, mine didn’t, but I did have it both times up to about 23 weeks, which was more than enough time looking and feeling extremely green. My parents were in Italy on holiday at the beginning of my pregnancy, when the HG started and the drama began, so we were able to share our news with them and the in-laws via an early scan once they’d returned. Super exciting times.

I definitely wasn’t one of those expectant mothers who glowed and breezed through pregnancy, and I think it’s just good to be honest about that. I absolutely adore being a mama, but the growing them part was a gruelling challenge.

All that said, I love reading about bloggers’ experiences of pregnancy as sharing the bits no-one talks about is essential for supporting each other. This has to be one of the best bits of blogging, where stuff gets said that may not be uncovered in real life. Being able to explain the bare bones of life is such an empowering and liberating part of writing, and hopefully means reaching out to people who can nod along.

How did you announce your pregnancy? Did you do something extra special or were you cautious? Check out what yours truly and some other lovely bloggers said HERE.

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