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It’s a well known fact that good eyebrows are the foundation of all beauty looks and will always be a simple way to uplift your face.

Worried that I may over-pluck my brows, my Mum took me to get mine shaped all through those tricky teenage years and I plan to do the same with L. A simple, confidence boosting trick, it’s a way to add natural beauty to your face, even if  you don’t wear much other makeup.

I had an eyebrow disaster aged 22, during which a beauty therapist ripped off half my brow. I complained and negotiated a job out of it, but that’s another story! As a result, I like to fill my eyebrows in now, and have found that they look even better for it (and the rogue brow has at last grown back…).

It’s all about working with what you’ve got, so I’ve teamed up with Benefit’s Head Makeup Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, to bring you some top brow tips. 2016 is billed by Benefit as the Year of the Brow, which is absolutely my kind of year.

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Throughout May you can even grab some free Gimme Brow worth £18.50, with a Benefit Brow Bar wax and all proceeds go to charities Look Good, Feel Better and Refuge.There’s surely no better excuse for a bit of brow shaping?

And if you live in or visit London, head along to the fabulous Good Ship Benefit and enjoy a little beauty indulgence. The ship runs Benefit events and parties, including Lashtitude, an afternoon tea with a beauty twist.

Over to Lisa, with her top brow tips:

  1. Do you have any tips on how to avoid over plucking?  Never tweeze near the actual shape of the brow, just take any excess hairs from below or above the brow and from the middle. Leave the actual shaping of the brow to a pro.
  2. So many people pluck until they hardly have brows left.. Why is this and what can you do to avoid it? A lot of people aren’t educated on the difference the brow makes to the face. Groomed brows can make your eyes look bigger and really shape the face. Pop into your local Benefit Brow Bar for a brow consultation so we can explain how to take your brows from now to wow! Jean & Jane our co-founders believe that you can’t put a pretty picture in an ugly frame and our brows are the frame to our face, so we have to get them right!
  3. Is it a good idea to trim your brows before you pluck so that you don’t pluck the wrong hairs? Yes! Trimming makes it easier for you to see where those cheeky little stragglers are!! Never trim more than half the length of the hair otherwise you could end up with a bald brow!!
  4. Any tips or tricks to keep both brows equal? Always remember your brows are sisters not twins!! So they’ll never be completely equal-but you can get them pretty perfect by using Benefit Brow Zings, a powder and wax to fill, define and blend.
  5. If you do make a mistake what is the best thing to do? Go to your local Benefit Brow Bar and ask their advice. If you’ve created a gap, fill it with brow zings, NEVER continue to pluck to try and correct the mistake, remember one or two hairs will grow back quickly, a full brow will take ages!!
  6. Any helpful tricks/tips with plucking in general… Good tweezers are a must- I swear by Tweezerman for Benefit (And they come in cute colours!) Always tweeze the hair out in the direction of the hair to prevent ingrown hairs, but I seriously recommend you wow your brows every 4 weeks at your Benefit Brow Bar!!

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