Transitional Summer Shoe Styling


Wardrobe wise, this time of year can be a shoe nightmare. Not always warm enough for sandals (hello Northumberland), but everyone being thoroughly bored of boots, it’s time for an in-between style.


My new favourites are a bargain pair, which are ¬£20 from Wynsors World of Shoes; the Rhiannon. I love a lower price tag, especially for lighter summer footwear, and I’ve never worn shoes from Wynsors before, so these were a good find.

Comfy and easy to style, the chunky creeper sole taps into recent shoe trends, but they’re simple enough for day-to-day. School run or day out, they can be dressed up or down. Coming in black and tan, the tan is more summery and obviously the darker colour goes with everything. I’d quite like a black pair to team with tights for even chillier times of year.

I don’t know about you but I’m so sick of winter clothes, and it is still freezing where we live, meaning these are a good transitional shoe. Without much of a price tag. Plus, they’d look cute paired with shorts or a dress when the weather does actually hot up. Bare legs plus tan trainers is as laid-back as it gets. Summer holidays call for shoes which you can walk in, making these a good bet for that too.

A day at the beach is one of the best summery weekend outings, so I wore them last weekend with Ray-Bans, a suede top and over-sized shirt from Glamorous and skinnies from Reiss. Wearable flats are often the order of the day, as really what’s the point in summer shoes that you can’t run about and have a laugh in?

Always one to say it how it is, T’s initial response was; “why are you wearing Daddy’s shoes?” But frankly, you can’t impress everyone. Especially not 4 year old boys.



Disclaimer: the featured shoes were gifted to me by Wynsors.

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