The Motherhood Years

L turned seven yesterday and in true motherhood-cliche style, I’m still in shock that she is so grown up suddenly.

I’ll never forgot my first precious hours with her, gazing in amazement at this beautiful, tiny bundle. When first pregnant, I remember whispering to my non-existent five week bump that I would always protect her. Not only does motherhood cause immense softness, it also ensures the emergence of a fierce streak to shield your brood.

I don’t always get it right, but those mistakes teach me to be a better mother. Some days, I get ratty and don’t do enough. Yet other times, I feel I’m just about keeping all the spinning plates up. A constantly evolving journey, these babies sure know how to keep us on our toes.

Most of my early memories are from the age of seven, a time when my parents took us to Orkney for three months so that Dad could cover someone’s maternity leave. An idyllic childhood experience, we lived on a farm and attended the local school. My two year old sister and I shared a double bed, of which she fell out every night. Our big brother kept us entertained with games on the beach. And we had to put newspaper on the windows as the hours of sunlight were so gloriously long.

Hopefully my own family unit will create such amazing nostalgia for our kids, with their own memories down the line. No matter what gifts you buy them, it’s the days out and adventures they remember. I think stripping it back like that can be liberating and simplify the constant chaos around us. I’m now hankering after a return to Orkney, taking the little ones and running wild.

L’s personality shapes my own, and she inspires us all daily with her strength of character and creativity. Mainly, I’m just super proud she chose me to be her mama.


  1. KittNoir June 23, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Happy Birthday L! 🎂🎈

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