5 Top Summer Beauty Tips from Clean Beauty Co

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I’ve teamed up with the lovely Dominika and Elsie, founders of Clean Beauty Co, to bring you their top summer beauty tips.

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  • Stay Scrubbed: Nothing beats the feeling of super smooth pins on a balmy summer’s eve, but your skin needs a bit of TLC to achieve that silky glow. The summer’s increased temperatures can lead to parched, flaky skin that looses its shine. Regular exfoliation encourages that layer top layer of dead skin cells to slough, leaving behind a smooth and shiny layer in its wake. Exfoliation can also help get the blood moving under the skin which is great for plumping and improving the appearance of lumps and bumps (ideal for bikini season). Natural exfoliants are super easy and inexpensive to make yourself; simply mix raw and organic sugar, salt or coffee granules with a drop of olive or coconut oil. The mixture makes for a dreamy scrub that’ll leave you soft and smooth from head to toe. Or if you don’t have time and need a fab and effective quick fix, why not get your mitts on our Clean Beauty Co. Scrub Life which is jam packed full of natural goodies such as coffee, coconut oil, jojoba and zingy grapefruit!
  • Stay Fresh: Summer months can mean humid days and sticky nights and we sure do get a little hot under the collar. It’s totally natural to want to up the ante when it comes to your deodorant because, quite frankly, nobody wants to be whiffy. But before you reach for that double strength aerosol, give a natural alternative a whirl. Contrary to popular belief, there are now some great brands that are totally effective in controlling smells, minus the questionable ingredients. We absolutely adore The Natural Deodorant Co’s Active Deodorant Balm in Orange and Bergamot. Smells amazing, keeps you fresh all day and is 100% natural.

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  • Stay Hydrated: We’re sure you don’t need reminding of the benefits that drinking water has for your skin, but we’ll whizz them past you just to be sure. Your skin is made up of a good proportion of water so if your body’s dehydrated, so is your skin and that can lead to a thinning, dull and cracked appearance. Ensuring that you’re well hydrated helps keep skin plump, bright and glowing, plus water is needed in the production of collagen so it’s also great for its long term condition too. We love hydrating from the outside as well as in, so carry a handy spray bottle of rose, orange blossom or lavender water around wherever we go. A couple of sprays is perfect to nourish parched skin, is delicate enough to use on all skin types and smells delightful too.
  • Stay Supple: With the warm weather comes the summer wardrobe and its little floaty frocks, and demin cut offs. Temperatures rise and so does the amount of flesh on show, which can be pretty daunting if your legs have been hiding safely under a pair of 50 denier tights up until now. Upping your moisturiser game can help neglected skin look and feel supple and well nourished, making it less scary to chuck on that strappy sundress. We opt for a  butter or oil to do the trick as these fatty substances tend to be high in Vitamins A and E – both fabulous when it comes to improving the skin’s elasticity, smoothing out blemishes and keeping skin ultra moisturised. Both shea and mango butter are wonderful body creams and work well to even out skin tone. We also love Pai’s Rosehip Bioregenerate as smoothing body oil, particularly for areas such as tummies and thighs, or even a drop in parched hair can lead to glossy locks in no time.
  • And finally…Wear Sunscreen!: You’ve heard it once; you’ve heard it a thousand times. But this one is real important, trust us. UV rays are incredibly damaging to the skin, causing the production of free radicals that ultimately stunt the reproduction and rejuvenation of skin cells. It’s not worth the risk. When looking for a sunscreen, we opt for a mineral cream that’ll act as a barrier against both UVA and UVB rays, ensuring the smallest damage is caused.

Find out more about Clean Beauty Co over at cleanbeautyco.com.


  1. powj02 June 27, 2016 / 11:25 am

    I love finding out about new natural brands so thank you! I’m really into making natural scrubs at home and always interesting to see what others use in theirs. Jen XOXO http://www.jenniferpow.com

    • mummymode June 27, 2016 / 11:38 am

      So glad it’s been of use to you Jennifer! Am really intrigued by natural beauty products xx

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