Putting a Stop to Bikini Body Madness


This time of year my inbox is flooded with quick-fix diet ideas for a ‘bikini body’ and it drives me completely and utterly mad.

The idea that women should crash diet to be a certain shape or size for a week of the year is absolute insanity. Not only that, but pushing the thought of this making someone feeling good about themselves is wrong too. I can promise you that this blog will never be a forum for beach body articles. I don’t know about you, but going on some stupid fad eating plan is not my answer to eternal happiness.

Plus, on holiday does anyone really care what everybody else looks like? No, they’re too busy slapping the SPF on and avoiding an attractive book-print-covered body . Or in my case, hoping a child doesn’t yank too hard on my legs and pull some variant of loose summer trousers down.

Although since having kids I probably have more body hang-ups (hello wobbly mum tum), weirdly, I do feel more liberated than ever. The fact that our bodies go through a lot, just as women in general, is testament to what a load of balls a beach body plan is.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to try and eat well (and by well, I mean a lot of really good food, no starvation here), but feeling fab about ourselves goes so much further than this. Also, what is it with the “real women have curves” vs supposedly “too thin” celeb debate still governing our magazines?

Between us all we have flat chests, skinny legs, big boobs, wobbly thighs and mis-matched eyebrows, and that’s just for starters. It’s about time we were told to embrace our bodies the whole year round, whether on a beach or not. I know that’s the lesson I’m planning on passing down to my daughter.


  1. Honest Mum June 29, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    Love this, you are spot on sweetie, we all need to embrace our bodies and lead by example. The media is slowly changing and in part thanks to social media and we digi influencers, long may it continue. I’m done with fad diets, it’s all about feeling strong body and mind x

    • mummymode June 30, 2016 / 11:42 am

      Totally agree with you! I wrote about this for Marie Claire 3 years ago and each year am frustrated by how it hasn’t changed enough, for girls growing up. xxx

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