Tootsa MacGinty Mum & Mini Salt-Water Sandals

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Our lovely friends at Tootsa MacGinty sent us some mama and mini summer Salt-Water shoes and a gorgeous dress for L a few weeks ago; perfect for days out and beach trips.

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The fact that you can get these matching limited edition sandals is brilliant, as like a lot of mums, with Tootsa stuff I do spend half the time saying “I wish they did that in my size”.  These are our first pair of faithful Salt-Waters and I can see them becoming a permanent fixture on our feet. Sometimes I go for style over comfort, but trust me, these beauties need no compromise. They are so flipping comfortable! Washable and like all Tootsa buys, completely robust, you can stretch them to fit your feet.

Red, navy and yellow, the Salt-Waters are a mix of standard leather and patent. If they pinch at all, just wet them and stretch the straps out. I’ve worn mine on muddy school runs and rainy beach trips, and they still look immaculate. Even the white lining remains good as new after a decent wipe.

Unsure whether I’ve had such practical shoes since I was at school, these limited edition Tootsa-coloured sandals get a massive thumbs up from us. The adult pair is £60 and the kids’ ones start at £42, and they are solid, chic sandals that will see you through a fair few summers. When L grows out of hers, we’ll definitely be passing them onto friends.

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Forever a fan of cute Tootsa clothes too, I also chose the Choux Denim Stripe Dress. Complete with buttons for summer holiday cool, we found the big pockets are perfect for shell collecting. Plus, if you’re anything like me, stripes are basically the number one pattern to wear, come rain, shine and snow.

Not to miss out on the Tootsa get-up day out, Mr T wore his Halloween sweater (with brilliant zippy tongue detail) on this trip. Remaining a firm favourite two years on, it washes so well.

Nailing the mix of stylish and robust, with kids still looking like kids, L has been popping this dress over leggings and a tee on colder days. Just one question… next year, Tootsa, can you make this one in my size too?

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The shoes and dress featured were gifted to us.


  1. Rebecca Beesley July 1, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    how brilliant to have such gorgeous matching sandals. My 4 year old Miss T always wants me and her to match with what we wear so she would love this concept! x

    • mummymode July 1, 2016 / 2:18 pm

      Such a lovely idea isn’t it!! You should get some 🙂 x

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