Tips for Making Candles Last Longer with Ancienne Ambiance’s Adriana Carlucci

 You’ve probably already gathered by now that candles are my thing. That, and a large glass of Rioja. Simple pleasures and the perfect evening, whatever the weather.

I didn’t initially realise that you need to burn candles for at least three hours at a time, which stops the wax pooling and ending up with the wick in a dip. By doing this, the candle burns evenly as you use it up and makes it last longer as well. Luxury candles can make such a difference to the atmosphere of a room, so it’s important you make them last as long as possible. There’s no point splashing out on a treat for it to need to be thrown away.

One of my favourite candle brands is Ancienne Ambiance London, a luxury boutique selling stunning products including scented candles, including their amazing Imperium bestseller. The detail on their glass holders is beautiful and I wash them out after the candle is finished, to use for jewellery and makeup. Not to mention, the scents all smell completely divine.

The lovely Adriana Carlucci is the founder of Ancienne Ambiance London, so clearly knows a thing or two about candles. Adriana turned her luxury candle vision into the brilliant business that it is today and she’s also my email pen-pal to boot!

Over to Adriana, offering up her top tips for making your candles last longer…

When burning scented candles, the most important points to consider are what makes a candle last longer and burn evenly, so you waste less.  I strongly recommend:
  • Keeping them in a cool place prior to burning
  • Trimming the wick before each burn (you can buy these from our online shop)
  • Keeping candles away from draughts while burning

For a bigger list of top candle tips to follow, head over to

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