Chatham Men’s and Women’s Footwear

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British men’s and women’s footwear brand Chatham recently asked the Mr and I to choose a pair of shoes each, which we were obviously very happy about. Cue lots of leaping at the chance to style up and enjoy our new shoes, with the kids playing on swings behind us.

Covering deck shoes, boat shoes, loafers and boots, Chatham’s designs are classic and timeless. Colours are a cross between traditional and bolder tones, with lots of choice available. All about the summery look, I picked Echo Leather Loafers in white, jade and navy (£59). I absolutely adore the nautical style and shades, especially as the beach is so close by. And, I’m generally a total breton addict to boot. Basically, anything vaguely coastal is right up my street.

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Chatham 3

My new shoes are massively comfortable, with cushioned insoles. You can lace them up or leave the leather ties tucked in. Signature Chatham details include hand-stitched moccasin and extremely soft nubuck leather.

Honestly, as someone who walks a lot and rarely finds shoes that can accommodate this, these are definite keepers.  The leather is so nice on your feet as it isn’t rough or rigid. Plus, the toe has a slimline shape, so the shoe is also quite feminine. They feel very chic.

Chatham 4

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Mr B went for Peel Boat Shoes in dark brown and blue (£139). This slip-on boat shoe has a blue interior, set against the main rich brown colour. Made up of British-tanned Kudu leather, the shoe is also hand-stitched with memory foam cushioning. These Chatham statement details are what makes the company so special and unique.

Being busy parents who need shoes to kick off quickly at the beach before running after kids, both pairs tick all style boxes. Dressing them up or down, our Chatham newbies are high quality, effortless and stylish.

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I’m actually now considering a second pair, I love them that much.

Both pairs of shoes were gifted to us by Chatham, for the purpose of this review.

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