Skinade Collagen Drink Review

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For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a trial of Skinade, a collagen drink promising ‘better skin from within.’

Infusing skin with natural collagen via this delicious peach and mango flavoured drink for 30 days, I have seen definite results. My skin has plumped up and looks more hydrated, and the odd red patch left over from any spots or blemishes have totally disappeared. I just feel that my skin looks a bit more effortless, if you know what I mean. Plus, starting the day with Skinade actually feels like a treat, because it tastes good.

I was sent the 30 Day Holiday Edition set, which comprises; 20 x 150ml standard Skinade bottles, alongside 10 x 15ml travel sachets which can be sprinkled into water on the move. This is priced at £99.

With a formula developed by UK scientists, it’s no surprise this potent skincare bottle really works. Research also shows that drinking one bottle of Skinade nourishes skin with the equivalent of 20 collagen tablets. This surprised me and says a lot about false economy.


Over to Skinade, to explain the science:

  • The main reason why is the difference between the absorption rate of ingredients in liquids compared to tablets.The Physicians Desk Reference describes the absorption rate of tablets at between 10-20% as opposed to liquids, which are listed at a much higher absorption rate of over 95%. The reason for this huge discrepancy is that, while nutrition drinks in solution can pass through the lining of the stomach and enter the bloodstream directly, pills and tablets must pass through the digestive system where a great deal of the ingredients are simply passed through the body without being properly absorbed.
  • Another key difference is the mode of absorption and how this affects the collagen you are trying to absorb. While collagen tablets are broken down into their base amino acids by the digestive system, in a drink like Skinade, the collagen avoids this fate by being directly absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, this process happens from the second the liquid enters your mouth.

Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Paul Banwell, says: “For improved efficacy, the skin supplement needs to be absorbed appropriately; this is dependent upon both its bioavailability of the supplement and molecular weight of the collagen.  To maximise the bioavailability and benefits of collagen, it is critical that the total product is completely in solution and that the molecular weight of collagen is as small as possible. The smaller the molecular weight, the more likely it is to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  It is also important to note that the stability and benefits of a product formulated in complete solution cannot necessarily be replicated with home-use tablets and powders suspended in liquid so research thoroughly before you stock these products for your patients and clients.”

This leading anti-ageing skincare product would be great as a pre-wedding or holiday boost. Although it is undoubtedly a considered and luxury purchase, the investment is well worth it if you want to see results within 30 days. Tasty, effective and a complete skincare boost, I will definitely be back for more Skinade.

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