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We’re in the process of changing Mr T’s room around and adding in a cabin bed for more space. Although when we told him, he did say “actually Mummy, I’ve changed my mind. I think I’d like you to build me a bigger bedroom”. Somehow, I’m not sure we can magic that up as easily…

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Aldi and the lovely PR peeps from their Specialbuys section sent over a Dinosaur Rug (£14.99), Throw (£7.99) and Colour Changing Bulbs (£6.99) this week to kick off our room changes.

The rug comes in other designs such as a lion or princess castle motif. The material is seriously thick meaning no curling up at the edges. Plus, it is lovely and soft for little feet too. A total bargain at under £15, I would have expected to pay a lot more, considering I’ve splashed out on much flimsier children’s rugs before which have been surprisingly steep.

A decent size, this means I’m saved from hoovering ten times a week too, as it covers much of his floor space. The carpet not covered in lots of happy toys, that is. Does anyone else’s child smuggle random bits of fish fingers and handfuls of sand into every corner of their bedroom? For adding in this one item, the room looks brighter and different already. Just call me Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen.

Children's throw (2).jpg

We received the yellow throw too, which is a fleecy, cosy blanket for snuggling up with. Again, I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Last but not least, the LED colour changing light is going to start our summer holidays in style. Complete with a remote control, you can use Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth options on a variety of colours from yellow to purple. Talk about a party vibe. By the end of the summer, my mama pals and I may be having our own disco, strong cocktails in hand.

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