Barbie Dreamtopia Airs on Tiny Pop

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As well as a serious dose of outside fun and sunshine, over the hols the kids will no doubt be indulging in some chilled out TV time. Right on cue, the brand new Barbie Dreamtopia airs this Saturday 23rd July at 4pm and then again on Sunday 24th July at 9am, both on Tiny Pop.

A 44 minute movie special, the film tells the story of Barbie, her younger sister Chelsea and their pup Honey as they embark on a magical adventure. Explaining the origins of the land of Dreamtopia which features as a Barbie series plus amazing toys, mythical fun includes a Lollipop Forest full of happy pets.

Mermaids, princesses and creatures from this magical land all feature throughout, with fun at every turn. Barbie is transformed into these characters as she guides Chelsea and Honey through different adventures, in which this is a land where if you can imagine something it will happen.

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Six year old Chelsea adores her big sister Barbie and the film focuses on Barbie making Chelsea’s dreams come true. Bright images and bold creatures are the order of the day, with lots of sparkly action and outfits. With background music created by the makers of Pitch Perfect, I can’t promise that I won’t be embarrassing the kids and bopping along too.

Adorned with signature bright Barbie colours, the toys also depict these rainbow details. Both my kids love Barbie films, as they are easy to watch and simple, enjoyable downtime. True escapism without any dark undertones, let’s face it; this is something we all need to indulge in sometimes. It also happily reminds me a bit of my childhood favourite Rainbow Bright, who else remembers that? I know come Saturday I’ll be snuggled up with the kids, half an eye open and enjoying some precious peace and quiet.

Watch the Barbie Dreamtopia trailer here. Find out more about Barbie Dreamtopia and download the app:


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