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The lovely team at Chop Healthy sent me a delicious organic food box a few weeks ago, complete with recipe cards from chef and healthy food guru Natasha Corrett.

With a focus on the power of plant-based protein and healthy eating, which is right up my street, the box contained ingredients and a recipe card for three gluten-free meals.Food included fresh, organic veg plus gluten-free spaghetti, quinoa and lentils, herbs, spices and the most delicious goat’s cheese I’ve ever tasted.

Ingredients are all chilled and the wholesome approach continues with their secure packaging, featuring an amazing woolen cool-bag. A London-based company, Chop Healthy also deliver nationwide, which is handy if you live in rural Northumberland countryside like me.

The meals vary from week to week and mine were; Lentil & Salsa Verde Salad, Butternut, Basil & Roast Onion Pasta and Turmeric Risotto. Also in the box is a card with wisdom from nutritional health coach, Laura Bond, detailing all the benefits of each dish. Laura talks you through components within the meals and their value, for example, “lentils are a good source of protein, calcium and fibre”.

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Made for vegetarians and flexitarians, I do eat meat, yet I was more than satisfied with the filling and delicious food on offer. As Chop Healthy explains, it is a common myth that we can’t get the protein we need from plant-based proteins. Chop Healthy¬†can tell us the alternative protein sources which do in fact provide those important amino acids, which are; Quinoa, Lentils and Tempeh or Tofu Soy.

Although I feel passionate about fresh, un-processed foods and try hard to keep new meal ideas coming, I tend to fail a little in the inspiration department. Which is why the box and Natasha’s recipes are so fantastic. Simple-to-follow instructions are the order of the day, with ingredients which can be easily sourced. Filed away in my recipe book, I’ve already returned to the handy cards for meal inspo.

With a big thank you to Chop Healthy.

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