Interview with TV Presenter Laura Hamilton: Full Body Workout App

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TV Presenter Laura Hamilton is probably best known for her role on A Place In The Sun. A super busy mama of two little ones, Laura recently launched her fantastic Full Body Workout app. 

With the help of celeb fitness guru John Beeby, Laura ditched her baby weight and devised a simple set of exercises. Together, the duo made these into an app, also sharing Laura’s training secrets and insight into her post-baby weight loss. All filmed on location in sunny Portugal, the app offers escapism, inspiration and a positive boost. 

Full Body Workout focuses on 5 unique routines which are specifically designed to work every muscle in your body. It can be so hard finding the time to either get in shape or retain your strength, so this is the perfect solution. Plus, I love the idea of having Laura on side to smash any health targets, cheerleading you with her lovely, sunny personality. 

I spoke to Laura to find out more about her fitness regime and fab app, that all-important mama juggling act and also, her favourite beauty products…

Hi Laura, huge congratulations on the birth of your two beautiful babies. What’s your favourite bit about motherhood so far?

 Thank you.  Every day my children amaze me.  Whether it’s something they say (Rocco often tells me Daddy’s the boss!) that makes me laugh or something they do they are just brilliant. Tahlia started feeding herself with a spoon yesterday which was a milestone and last week Rocco started swimming on his own without armbands – he isn’t three until November but he spends a lot of time in swimming pools!

You look absolutely amazing. How can us mamas overcome the challenge of finding time to make fitness a priority?

That’s very kind. I’m pretty strict with my children’s routine and I the fact that they are close in age has meant I’ve been able to get them to take a nap during the day at the same time.  I figured that I have to feel good about myself and be fit and healthy to be he beat I can be for my children so when they are sleeping it’s my time to exercise and get the paper work done.  It is a challenge but I jut have to try and be as organised as possible.  I’ve also had quite strong will power so when I set my mind to something I’m determined to achieve it.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your fabulous new Full Body Workout App?

I went back to work quite quickly a after having both of my children and although I enlisted the help of an amazing PT, I struggled to stick to a regular routine of seeing him because I was flying abroad filming.  I tried few PT sessions via video calling but the Internet connection was weak.  Then John and I said lets record some workouts on my phone to take with me and the idea came from there.

What are your top tips for mums who have lost their body confidence since having kids?

First of all you should be proud of what your body has achieved, producing precious children is the biggest achievement of all.  Don’t expect your body to be the same shape as it was before you had babies.  Mine is completely different. Do it for you and no body else but if you feel good about yourself I truly believe you will be a good role model for your children.

Can you let us in on any secrets which have helped make the juggle of motherhood and general life any easier?

I’m constantly writing to do lists to help keep organised.  I used to think before children I was busy, now I don’t know what I did with all the time pre children!!  

I love reading your Hello! blogs and time really seems to fly with little ones;  does it make you smile to look back on the kids’ adventures and how much they’ve grown along the way? 

My Hello blog is such a lovely way to document everything and incredibly useful now that 6 months ago Rocco threw my phone down the toilet and none of my photos were backed up so I lost everything…  Thankfully I could copy some from my blog.  

Which are your top mama beauty products?

I love Weleda products both for mothers and babies.  Their skin food hand cream is amazing. Mustela baby products smell beautiful and I love bathing Rocco and Tahlia in them every night.

I’ve recently started using Transformulas wrinkle block and you can’t beat a bit of touché elcat for dark circles after lack of sleep. I’m a big fan of Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment too which is a lash tint, lift, volume and lengthen – perfect for when you don’t have time to put mascara on. 

Can you share with us your next project on the horizon?  

I’ve always got something on the go whether it’s an interior design project, a calendar or a travel project I’m always coming up with new ideas.  I know my husband thinks I’m always working but I feel very lucky that I love what I do so it never really feels like work.

Full Body Workout is available on the App Store and Google Play, priced at £2.99.Find out more about and download Laura’s new Full Body Workout app here.

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