M & S Launch Ragdale Hall Time to Sleep and Time to Pamper Spa Products


Last year the Mr and I visited stunning spa destination Ragdale Hall in Melton Mowbray, Lancashire. Huge fans of the gorgeous sprawling spa, I love that Marks & Spencer work together with expert therapists from Ragdale to formulate their exclusive in-store and online beauty range.

Ideal to re-create that luxurious spa feel at home (and very affordable too…), M & S recently launched their Time to Sleep and Time to Pamper additions to their existing Ragdale Hall range. Products include; Sleep or Pamper Body Wash, Sleep Pillow Mist, Sleep Bath Elixir, Sleep or Pamper Candle, Pamper Bath Essence, Sleep or Pamper Diffuser and the Pamper Body Scrub.

Original M & S Ragdale Hall Spa products are relaxing must-haves such as their Active Spa Epsom Salts, Active Spa Firming Cream, Active Spa Cooling Gel and Active Spa Massage Oil.

Products within the new range are purple or pale pink depending on whether you go for the Time to Sleep or Time to Pamper option, of which I chose the Time to Pamper Candle (£9.50) and Time to Sleep Body Wash (£5) to review. Both smelling completely divine, the candle comprises mint leaves, lemon, mango, jasmine and pink pepper.The Time to Sleep Body Wash has elements of lavender, geranium and clary sage.

Ragdale spa

Making you feel like you’re melting into a bit of a spa moment, these are ideal wind-down beauties. Especially, if like me, you need to force yourself to actually stop and chill for a second. I think we’re all guilty of refusing to take time for ourselves, and I really believe in the power of a bubble bath plus candle, and optional (read: crucial) glass of wine.

Until I get get myself back to Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa, these M & S products are the ideal substitute. They really are pure beauty bliss.


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