Childhood Film Heroes- Finding Nemo


Who is your childhood and/or current film hero? When asked by HMV to share mine, Nemo definitely sprang to mind.

With the film’s “just keep swimming” mantra, I think this is a value that both adults and kids can identify with. As hard as it is being a parent, I do try to teach my children about digging deep during hard times and remaining strong and positive. OK, so that may not hit home quite yet with them still being little, but one day these thoughts will ring true. We’re all vulnerable like Nemo, but it’s the way we deal with tough times that has to count. That’s what I’ve always thought anyway- what do you reckon?

Let’s face it, watching films always offer a bit of distracting escapism via bold images and great story-lines. But, being able to take away a warm feeling from viewing time is definitely the mark of a good one in my book. Everything in the news feeling very dark and scary at the moment, so in terms of family entertainment I want light and fluffy stuff to watch.

Would-be heroes aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea or that easy to identify with, yet I think Nemo is a positive force for all. Up against the odds to find his way home, he enlists friends and his inner strength to win the battle. Without sounding too soft or cheesy, surely this is what life is all about?

Plus, Disney and Pixar are a definite movie dream team, tapping into amazing effects, colours, story and characters.¬†Also as a family who haven’t yet seen the sequel Finding Dory, this is top of our cinema to-do list. A totally soppy mama, I just hope I don’t embarrass everyone with a ton of tears. I’ve heard it’s emotional…

Post in collaboration with HMV.

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